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Video: Cyclists save motorist after SUV plunges into lake

Pensioner mixed up foot pedals and drove straight into the lake

Three passing cyclists bravely rescued a pensioner who drove her 4x4 into a lake on Friday, winning accolades from locals and police.

Helen Joyce, 68, from Medford, Arlington, USA, mixed up the pedals in her car when trying to back into a parking space and accidentally drove into Spy Pond.

She was incredibly lucky however, as three passing cyclists, David Frasier and Cesar Perozo, both local, and their friend Kenneth Chapman from Australia, jumped into the water and rescued Mrs Joyce from the sinking car.


They acted so fast that she was unharmed, but was taken to hospital for treatment for hypothermia.

The vehicle was removed from Spy Pond yesterday by Arlington Police with assistance from Arlington Fire and Cambridge Fire.

"I commend the teamwork and courage of everyone involved in this incident, from the rescuers who fearlessly ran into the water to our officers and firefighters who executed the car removal today," Chief Ryan said.

"In a week filled with tragic news, this happy ending was more than welcome."

The incident remains under investigation by the Arlington Police Department.



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skull-collector... | 7 years ago

I hope she gets banned from driving

STiG911 replied to skull-collector-not-really | 7 years ago

skull-collector-not-really wrote:

I hope she gets banned from driving

Hell Yes! The amount of bizarre and utter carnage-laden 'accidents' caused by oldies 'getting confused' as to which pedal they need to push. How many reports have we see of old drivers crashing through shop windows? 'Oh I panicked and pressed the accelerator' FFS

The way stories are reported piss me off too, as if the writer is trying to angle sympathy hoping readers just go ' Ah, silly old person - well, never mind, eh?'

CyclingJudy replied to skull-collector-not-really | 2 years ago

Yes, certainly no need for her to be driving such a massive vehicle.

Flintshire Boy replied to CyclingJudy | 2 years ago

How on earth do you know what her 'needs' are? You have some special insight, or what?

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