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Video: Wee Day Out – Danny MacAskill’s latest

What do you mean you’ve never seen someone cycling atop a rolling hay bale before?

“Wee bit to go before you’re Danny MacAskill,” said an only semi-impressed passer-by to Danny MacAskill earlier this year. There’s little chance that anyone will be left underwhelmed by his latest video however, as the street trials rider produces a number of tricks that would be unbelievable if we didn’t then see his less successful attempts in the outtakes at the end.

Soundtracked by the Divine Comedy’s National Express, Wee Day Out sees MacAskill taking his mountain bike for a spin through the Scottish countryside.

Unique tricks include a scrub to barrel roll, a submerged water crossing and a hay bale ride. And if you can’t imagine what any of those are… well, just watch the video. It’s very impressive.

Speaking about his latest project, MacAskill said: “Although I’m doing very abnormal riding, I set out to make a video that hopefully relates to the normal rider. Every rider has had to ride through a puddle when it's been a bit unknown how deep the centre of that puddle is. It just so happens that the puddle in my film is 6ft deep. I wanted to do a video on the mountain bike again and give myself creative freedom with this film. It's meant to be a fun day out on the bike, so I wanted it to be quite light hearted.”

Wee Day Out is of course only the latest clip from MacAskill. He can also be seen in Epecuén (11 million views), Cascadia (17 million views), Way Back Home (38 million views), The Ridge (44 million views) and Imaginate (58 million views).

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Sadoldsamurai | 7 years ago

and who says 26" is dead?

Arno du Galibier | 7 years ago
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You missed out the Playboy mansion one...

Or maybe not...


Great video BTW. particularly amused by the puddle scene. We've all been there...

rapid4 | 7 years ago

Brilliant as all ways. 


Glad to see he's not trashing another road bike! 

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