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Kids should be taught better cycling manners, says councillor

Police should be teaching children to be more courteous when cycling on pavements

A town councillor from the Cotswolds has argued that kids cycling on pavements should be taught better cycling etiquette by the police.

The Cotswold Journal reports that Councillor Lane-Burford is concerned about cyclists who ride up to pedestrians and do not ring their bell.

She said it should be one of the police’s duties to make child cyclists aware of the need to be courteous to adults when riding their bikes. “If somebody doesn’t alert me and they run into my dog’s lead who is going to be at fault?” asked Councillor Lane-Burford.

Sergeant Martin Jones of the North Cotswolds Safer Communities Team told the council that it is not compulsory for cyclists to have bells on their bikes but said that pedestrians should be given priority on footpaths.

“Certainly we can get the message through the schools that if they are on the pavement they have either got to stop or say excuse me,” said Sergeant Jones.

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Simon E | 13 years ago

Easy target.

While I don't like to take comments out of context IME councillors are very quick to pick on cyclists. They get earache from belligerent old biddies and feel obliged to act (or at least 'get tough').

If they had decent training at primary school age, instead of focussing on SATs to the exclusion of all else, then there wouldn't be a problem... if there is one at all.

jobysp | 13 years ago

“If somebody doesn’t alert me and they run into my dog’s lead who is going to be at fault?”

I'd be more concerned about the child and dog to be honest - not who's at fault, and if this is all Councillor Lane Burford has to worry about - then her / his constituency must be a wonderful place to live in.

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