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Mini Holland protesters lose judicial review

Campaigners concerned a cycling scheme would increase congestion and harm businesses have had their case dismissed and ordered to pay court fees

A judicial review by campaigners to stop a “Mini Holland” project going ahead in North London has been rejected.

The group, called Save Our Green Lanes, said the Cycle Enfield scheme, which will see private cars diverted from Enfield’s high street and cycle lanes installed in Palmers Green and Enfield Town, would worsen air pollution and have little or a negative effect on business.

However, the High Court dismissed the case earlier this month and ordered SOGL to pay the council’s costs.

Cyclist riding London to Bristol to raise money for legal challenge to fight Enfield Mini Holland

The Enfield Independent reports Mr Justice Ouseley disagreed with the group’s assertion the scheme was “unfair” and the consultation process “flawed”.

Costas Georgiou, one of SOGL’s leaders, said the group had witness statements from people denied access to paper copies of the consultation, but the judge accepted the council’s claims documents had been provided to people who needed them.

Cllr Daniel Anderson, cabinet member for environment, said: “We’re obviously delighted that the judge has vindicated our approach to consultation.

“We have consistently gone above and beyond the minimum statutory requirement that was promised in the original bid and ensured that the community has been able to comment and contribute towards the development of these plans. This is clear to see in the changes we have made as a direct result of our consultation process.

“We have adopted the same approach to the consultation process for each of the major Cycle Enfield schemes and we’ll continue to work with transparency and fairness.”

One third of Enfield’s residents currently don’t own a car and the Cycle Enfield plans’ aims are to reduce congestion, increase health and improve local town centres for everyone. As well as protected bike routes, a network of quiet, back street routes will be created, along with improvements to greenway links. The council will provide secure cycle parking, and invest in cycle training, maintenance and rides.  

SOGL plans to appeal the court’s decision.


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