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Video: Cyclist-hating truck driver deliberately soaks group of riders and publishes footage to Facebook

Warning: video contains strong language

A truck driver has been reported to police after filming himself driving through water to deliberately splash a group of cyclists in Sydney on Monday morning.

"So, we hate pushbikes," says the driver at the start of footage he appears to have shot himself. “We're not allowed to run them over," he then laments, before executing his plan.

“Up ahead I see a little bit of water. So, now's a good time to start the overtaking manoeuvre, I believe. Here we go."

The camera then moves to the side window where a group of cyclists can be seen in his mirrors getting drenched.

The incident is reported to have taken place at about 6.30am, heading south on General Holmes Drive near Sydney Airport.

The cyclists were in the middle lane and a post on the Truckin Australia Facebook page read: “While we don't condone doing this we did find it funny.. If these riders were in the left lane they wouldn't have been hit with water and the truck driver might of been a bit less of a prick.”

One of the cyclists in the group, who wished to be known only by his first name of Blake, told The Sydney Morning Herald that he initially thought it was an accident but after later seeing the footage went to speak to the police.

"I felt the splash of water as the truck went past, and I thought 'yeah okay, that's a coincidence, these things happen on the road.' It was only later when I got home... all of a sudden I'm watching myself just being preyed upon, really, by this truck driver with some pretty out there views."

Blake said the group had stayed in the middle lane as it could be "hectic" and dangerous to move there once the left lane ended.

The footage was deleted from Facebook around 11.30am yesterday and the profile of the uploader was later also deleted. A police officer at Blake’s local police station said there wasn't much that could be done with the footage alone, and also said that the person who posted the footage to social media may not have been the driver.

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