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Great exclusive cycling deals from Ribble Cycles

Grab your exclusive Ribble Cycles coupon codes here and devour their delicious deals on tyres, energy bars, & bikes

We heard you like exclusively cheap cycling deals - well Ribble Cycles did - and so in collaboration with the folks at Ribble, we're bringing you some fantastically cheap tyres, energy bars, and bikes for you to devour this afternoon!

So, what are these exclusive deals we hear you asking.

Well, we've got two sets of tyres for you - one folding Vredestein tyre, and one rigid Schwalbe tyre - as well as a great selection of energy bars from Science in Sport.

Also, we thought  we'd point you in the direction of Ribble's bike of the week. This week the bike is their fantastic Ribble Gran Fondo. You can read more about that below.

Happy shopping!


50% off Vredestein's Fortezza Tricomp Folding Tyres
With code 'ROADCCFOLD'
WAS £40.00 | NOW £20.00

Vredestein Fortezza Tricomp Folding Tyre.png

Now, if we're going by brand name alone, Vredestein tyres are top quality. We've reviewed three models from the Dutch tyre manufacturer here at and each of them have rolled away with a 9/10 rating.

If that's not enough to convince you of the tyre's quality, check out the review of the company's superlight tyre below.

These aren't as light as the race tyres reviewed below, but they're significantly more durable, bring unparalleled grip in both the dry and the wet, and are perfect for commuters and enthusiastic weekend cyclists.

- Read more:'s Vredestein Fortezza Senso Superlite tyres


25% Schwalbe's Marathon Rigid Tyre
WAS £ 15.99 | NOW £11.99

Schwalbe Marathon Rigid Tyre.jpg

From lightweight grippy tyres to something a little more resiiliant. Schwalbe's fantastic Marathon Rigid Tyre is the perfect long distance touring tyre that'll protect you from punctures and ages fantastically.

We reviewed the Marathon Plus tyre from Schwalbe and gave it a 9/10. So you'll be getting a top quality tyre for what is an amazing price.

- Read more:'s Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tyre review


21% off Science in Sport's GO Energy Bar Variety Pack
WAS £6.99 | NOW £5.50

SiS GO Energy Bars.jpg

Have you tried Science in Sport's GO Energy bars? We have, we really liked them, and now you can for an exclusive bargain price.

We gave the Mini GO bars an 8/10 rating when we reviewed them, and our man David Else called them "great tasting high-perormance bite-sized energy bars."

- Read more:'s SIS Mini GO Bar review


Bike of the week
17% off Ribble's Gran Fondo
WAS £899.99 | NOW £749.99

Ribble Gran Fondo.jpg

Finally, Ribble's bike of the week.

Sure, this one's not an exclusive deal, but it's a great one nonetheless.

Ribble are already revered for their incredible value own-brand bikes, and when they've got offers on slicing even more money off of the highly customisable builds, you should really pay attention.#

Getting your hands on a Shimano 105 toting road bike for under £750 is nothing to scoff at, and the options of ITM finishing kit and CSN or Selle Italia saddles makes the whole set up feel like an incredible bargain.

If you're after a little bit more info about what you can expect, check out our coverage of Ribble's 2016 range below.

- Read more:'s Ribble 2016 bike range coverage

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RTB | 7 years ago

What a great looking bike for that money.

turboprannet | 7 years ago

more cracked ones here. tricomp = tri-split

Stef Marazzi | 7 years ago

I cannot recommend those tyres. Myself and three mates bought them. 500 miles later they fell to bits!!! All dangerously cracked

fukawitribe replied to Stef Marazzi | 7 years ago

cyclesteffer wrote:

I cannot recommend those tyres. Myself and three mates bought them. 500 miles later they fell to bits!!! All dangerously cracked

Which ? FWIW i've had 23mm Vredestein Fortezza Tricomp on the old bike, ran great and had a lovely supple feel to them (they weren't new to me either).

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