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Videos: Brailsford does a Froome, Sagan fights & stair crash

Check out Dave Brailsford's Froome impression, the best stop-motion Playmobil MTB video ever, more Sagan antics & a mega crash down three flights of stairs...

As the Tour comes to its end, we've still got plenty of pro cycling themed videos for you to feats your weary Friday evening eyes on.

First up is the mastermind himself, Sir Dave Brailsford, putting that big brain of his to good use - taking the mick out of  Chris Froome.

We've got Sagan up to some new tricks - this time he's trying to murder a buff gladiator in ancient Rome.

Then there's the best every stop-motion Playmobil cycling video, some cycling frisbee-ing, a particularly painful-looking staircase crash, the search for the ultimate Japanese BMX park - the Death Bowl - and Alex Dowsett getting nailed in the face with a cork.

Happy Friday!


Brailsford does his best Froome


What will probably go down as the most iconic moment of this Tour, and certainly up there with the most iconic moments ever at the great race, Chris Froome's Ventoux run has been the talk of the internet over the last week.

Even Team Sky's main man Dave Brailsford's been in on the act.

Froomey's wheezy laugh in the background says that he approves.


Sagan goes gladiatorial

If he's not disrupting team training rides with wheelies and bunny hops, he's entertaining spectators with the same tricks.

Peter Sagan is well known as the maverick of the bunch on the pro tour circuit, but his recent turn at advertisement acting for *sunroot - a plant derived sweetner - gives us another perspective on the Slovak.

For example, he appears to be a dab hand at gladiatorial combat, while dancing a al John Travolta - not so much.


Playmobil MTB-ing

We're sure it's been done before, but we're also fairly sure it's never been done this well.

XTreme Video - extreme content creators - are responsible for this masterpiece.



Ultimate frisbiking

If you've ever spent any time on a beach or in a park on a sunny day, you'll most likely have thrown a frisbee.

You'll also be aware, we imagine, that mastering the technique to get the frisbee to go exactly where you want it to go is quite difficult.

Doing that while cycling is no mean feat.

We can imagine missing a catch in this scenario to be somewhat more frustrating than it is when you're with your mates, though.


Huge staircase crash

As the caption for this video states, this could have been worse. Much worse.

Sure, we can't actually see the aftermath from this very brief clip, but we imagine that should the rider have made direct contact with that handrail, he might not have been able to have another shot at it. Ever.


Death Bowl

The illusive Japanese BMX park 'Death Bowl' is the reason for Greg Illingworth and Kevin Kalkoff's trip to Japan.

Will it live up to the legends? Will they find it?

Find out.


How do you clear a canal of bikes?

While this isn't necessarily an issue we're familiar with here in the UK, over in Holland we imagine this is a semi regular occurrence.

A barge equipped with a crane? What next?


Cork popping warning


Believe it or not, away from the Tour de France cycle races are still happening.

Alex Dowsett won the ITT at the Tour of Poland last weekend.

He celebrated by popping a bottle of champaign in his face.


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