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Video: Chinese cyclist escapes harm as van rolls over him

The driver was allegedly driving without a license in the east Chinese Jiangsu province - the cyclist was unhurt

A cyclist in China narrowly escaped with his life after an out-of-control van sailed inches over his head.

The incident took place on July 10 in the Jiangsu province in east China, though footage has only just emerged.

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Both the cyclist and the driver are reported to have escaped without injury, although the driver was said to have fled the scene before being picked up by police two hours later.

It was also reported by the People's Daily Online that the driver was in operation of the vehicle without a license, and had previous convictions.

This isn't the first cycling close call we've reported on from China, where the streets seem questionably safe at best.

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While our impression of cycling on Chinese roads here at is largely formed via anecdotal evidence, the multiple traffic infringements in today's seconds-long video alone fill us with apprehension.

The conditions in Russia don't seem much better, if we're going to continue on this anecdotal evidence stretch.

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