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Videos: Cheap bike vs. trail, bike thieves & dad of the year

A cyclist with a child trailer crosses a busy intersection, we see the most American bike thief chase ever and so much more in today's video round-up...

If you've ever had a bike stolen and felt the guilt and frustration associated with an event like that, you'll know that there are precautions you can take to slow down a bike theif.

Not if you're a news reporter on an American TV station though. Oh no, the scoops all we want, and the bike stealing low-lifes are what we want to see. Apparently.

We get things moving in today's video round-up with that 'news report' on bike theivery in Los Angeles from America's "longest-running, top-rated, and most-honored syndicated newsmagazine" Inside Edition.

After that another group of Americans put a supermarket-bought mountain bike through its paces; down an actual mountain bike trail. It'll be no problem, it's a mountain bike after all.

Next we see a father of the year contender, a slow-mo water grab, a beautiful montage of the 2016 UCI Para-Cycling Road World Cup in Belgium, some crazy Kona antics in Ireland, and some classic cycling handywork from Spain and Italy.



Surprise, the worst lock in the world doesn't work

We don't mean to undermine the stellar journalism that clearly goes on over at Inside Edition, but there are quite a few of us here at towers that think this bike was asking to be stolen.

Seriously though, who locks up a $2,000 mountain bike with a piece of string?

The chase that follows is so bizarre we had to double check to see if it was parody or not. Really strange.


Will a mountain bike trail kill a Walmart mountain bike?

The answer is yes.

Well, it wasn't as clear cut as all that. The run looked pretty hairy, and the bike wasn't the same shiny new Walmart 'perfect' at the bottom of the run, but it survived.

YouTuber Phil Kmetz MTB was quick to note that the bike, while saying it was trail ready, it clearly wasn't designed or ready for that kind abuse. 

The moral of the story is: if you're on a budget, don't go for the big runs and if you're not, don't buy the cheapest bike. Easy.


Dad of the year?

Are you a dad? Do you take a bit more caution when you've got your kid or kids in the trailer? We imagine most of you do, which is why this video shocked us so much.

We hope that the trailer behind this bloke's bike is empty, or else the danger he just put his and his child's life in makes us feel a bit sick.

At least he's wearing a helmet though, right?


Really fast, but slow-mo, water grab

These guys are certainly traveling.

Have you ever tried to grab a bottle while hurtling along the road at around 25mph?

It's tough. Of course, this poetic slow-mo shot makes it look easy, but because we know better, the whole thing looks like a very well timed dance.


UCI Para-Cycling Road World Cup Montage

This is stunning.

As if just watching these men and women competing despite a variety of disabilities wasn't inspiring enough, the slow motion shots, cheering crowds, and inspiring music have us itching to get out in the saddle to compete.

This round of the UCI's World Cup series took place in Ostend in Belgium - next up is Spain on July 15.


Kona Sutra adventures - Ireland

Kona take a tour around the 'Emerald Isle' aboard their fantastic adventure Sutra bike.

Typically, they timed their trip with Saint Patrick's day, to find the country in all its springtime glory.

A stunning little tale of adventure followed.


Ribó - traditional Spanish shoes

Here's the story of how tiny Spanish trail bike shoe manufacturer Ribó came to be.

It's a gloriously shot story that'll have you longing for the old days - perhaps even the days before you were born.


Velodromo Vigorelli Vreferbishment

That's right, the famous Italian velodrome in Milan - which housed the Hour Record from 1935 to 1967 - has been refurbished.

Italian cycling legend Francesco Moser paid the new track a visit, but all is not the same as he remembers. The stadium is now mostly used for American Football events - though there's hope that'll change now with the relaying of the cycling track.

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