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Fantastic cycling deals in the Cycle Store Takeover

The folks over at Cycle Store have a Specialized heavy selection of cracking deals for you - everything's under half price!...

Cycle Store have got a cracking set of deals for you today. It's pretty Specialized heavy DealCatcher, and what's even better is that every single item is currently experiencing a discount of 50% or more.

We get things moving with a couple of cracking deals on jerseys. Both the Specialized RBX Pro Jersey, and Specialized's Comp Racing Jersey have 50% off their usual asking price, while one - the Comp - is super fitted and is perfect for racers, while the RBX Pro has a semi-form fit, perfect for a comfortable weekend ride.

Next up are Specialized's RBX Expert Bib Shorts. The shorts have also seen a 50% discount, and they offer excellent muscle compression options for sustained riding performance.

We then move on to our only non-Specialized deal of the day. Cycle Store have slapped a 60% discount on Tifosi's Lore Crystal Clear Clarion Blue sunglasses. What's more, you get 3 lenses for you money.

Finally, Specialized's incredible performance Sitero Pro Aero saddle rounds things off. Not only does it offer incredible comfort and performance, it has integrated bottle storage capacities.

To top all the great deals off, should you order before 3pm, your delivery will be shipped that day!


50% off Specialized's RBX Pro SS Jersey
WAS £59.99 | NOW £29.99

Specialized RBX Pro SS Jerseys.jpg


Specialized's short sleeve semi-form fit, elasticated RBX Pro jersey is a stunning option for riders who are looking for a top of the line jersey to take out on their weekend rides.

The comfortable SL 130 fabric, which has integrated UV protection, and a hydrofit finish to aid in water evaporation, is the ultimate combination of comfort and performance.

At under £30 too, you'll struggle to find a better deal.


50% off Specialized's Comp Racing Short Sleeve Jersey
WAS £59.99 | NOW £29.99

Specialized Comp Racing Short Sleeve Jerseys.jpg

Well, you'll struggle to find a better deal, unless you're looking for a performance jersey - then you might have found one immediately.

Specialized's Comp Racing jersey features a lighter, thinner fabric to the RBX pro jersey above, which offers a tighter, more aerodynamic fit, while maintaining the water evaporation technology as well as the standards of comfort set by its brother.


50% off Specialized's RBX Expert Bib Shorts
WAS £64.99 | NOW £32.99

Specialized RBX Expert Bib Shorts.jpg


Specialized's RBX Expert Bib shorts are made from Heavy Action Elastan material. Don't be mistaken, the heavy there doesn't refer to the thickness or the insulative qualities of the material - these are very much summer shorts.

What these shorts offer is fantastic muscle support. The Elastan material provides incredible compression performance, and the elasticated hems and silicon grippers will keep the shorts in place too.


60% off Tifosi's Lore Clarion Blue 3-Lens Set
WAS £69.99 | NOW £27.99

Tifosi Lore Crystal Clear Sunglasses.jpg

As far as sport sunglasses go, Tifosi are right up there with Oakley as far as we're concerned - at least our regular high scoring reviews of their products think so.

This set of sunglasses is made from Grilamid TR-90 which is a "homopolyamide nylon." 

We're not supper hot on our chemistry here at, but from what we can garner, the homopolyamide nylon makes these glasses almost unbreakable - which is exactly what you want in a pair of sport sunglasses.

They've got a high alternative bending strength, a low density, and high resistance to chemical and UV damage.


Oh yeah, and they're 60% off!

- Read more:'s Tifosi Pro Escalate FSH glasses


50% off Specialized's Sitero Pro Aero Saddle
WAS £149.99 | NOW £74.99

Specialized Sitero Pro Aero Saddle.jpg

Finally, whether you're a man or a woman, if you're looking for a high performance, super comfortable saddle, this is the way to go.

Originally designed for use in triathlons and time trails, the Sitero Pro Aero Saddle has a number of features that make riding in an aero position more comfortable than you probably would ever have imagined before.

The first thing you'll notice is the cutaway. That's there to protect your vulnerable regions from unnecessary chaffage. 

It's super and lightweight, super comfortable too.

And to top it off, it's even got the capacity to carry a water bottle.

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