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#mycyclingweekend - Win a £50 cycling computer

Win a 9/10 rated Cateye Padrone with Cycle Surgery - send us photos of you enjoying your weekend rides!

This #mycyclingweekend you could get your hands on a prize that we gave a 9/10 to when we reviewed it. That's right, by sending us a photo of your weekend ride and including the #mycyclingweekend and #CycleSurgery hashtags, you could win a Cateye Padrone computer!

The rules, as always, are fairly simple.

First, go out for a #mycyclingweekend ride.

Second, take a photo of you, your bike, or something amazing, funny, or weird that you've seen on while in the sadde.

Third, upload that photo to Instagram or Twitter.

Fourth, remember to include the #mycyclingweekend AND the #CycleSurgery hashtags in your caption.

Here's what you're competing for:


The @cateyebicycle Padrone is this weeks #mycyclingweekend prize!

A photo posted by Cycle Surgery (@cyclesurgery) on


When we reviewed the Padrone cycling computer, our reviewer Caven O'Hara called it "big, clear and easy to use, [the CatEye Padrone is the] perfect non-GPS riding companion."

So, if you're after the perfect cycling computer, you've come to the right place!

- Read more:'s Cateye Padrone computer review (9/10) 

Now that you're up to speed we'll fill you in on what we'll be looking for in our winner.

We remind you almost every week that we're not elitist here at We don't judge our #mycyclingweekend winners based on their photographic ability, the size of their legs, or the speed of their bike.

We're all about inclusivity, creativity, and enjoy-ivity...

Seriously though, we like variety. We'd love to see even more people out riding every #mycyclingweekend, so whether you're deep into your summer training regime, or you're fresh out of your local bike store with your first bike, we want to see you enjoying yourselves.

So, send us a photo that tells us why you love cycling, a photo that shows us how much you love your bike, or a photo that shows off the beautiful places that you lot live.

We admire great achievements, we love seeing new riders discovering the joys of cycling, and we're softies too. Find the right balance between creativity, joy, and achievement, and you're bound to be on to a winner!

Here are a few of our recent favourite #mycyclingweekend photos to give you an inspiration boost. Best of luck!











#TSJYVR Inaugural Kit Ride: @gotonychen

A photo posted by Joe Santos (@joesantos_yvr) on




The tires on my city bike are almost older than me and they're still tight around corners. #zorasdailies

A photo posted by Zora Iuga (@zora_iuga) on




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