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Just in: 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs

A ton of testing tarmac for the climbers among you

The nice chaps at Frances Lincoln publishing have just sent us a copy of their latest cycling tome, 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs. Touted as "a pocket-sized guide to the 100 greatest climbs in Britain, written by a cyclist for cyclists" It's certainly piqued our interest here at towers.

Split into sections by area (curiously, there's no East Anglia section...) the book wanders round Britain and offers insight into the many spectacular ways of bursting your lungs that our small island offers. For each climb you get a short write up, a nice little gradient graph with points of interest marked out, a factfile giving you location and stats, and a lovely pic of some tarmac snaking away into the distance.

You also get a rating out of 10, which has been the cause of much discussion around the office. Swain's lane as hard as Weston Hill? Not in our book. Not that we bothered to write a book, so Kudos to ex Cycling Weekly designer and dyed-in-the-wool roadie Simon Warren for taking the time to make one we can argue over. Not much arguing that Hardknott and Wrynose get a 10/10, and there's an 11/10 too; can you guess what that is?

Obviously when you're limited to 100 climbs and you're looking to cover the country fairly there's plenty that miss out. We were surprised to see that the Gospel Pass didn't make the grade, and wherever you live you'll be bemoaning at least one that got left out. But that's by the by: It's a great little guide to some excellent climbs, and there's an I-Spy-style section at the back where you can check them off as you do them.

100 Greatest Cycling Climbs is released on 3 June; for more info head to

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