Video: this BMXer is one of a kind

Tim Knoll shows off his BMX acrobatics in this stunning video by Red Bull

Tim Knoll’s BMX style is pretty unique, as this stunning video for Red Bull demonstrates.

Described as one of the most creative BMX riders in the world, Knoll’s style is acrobatic, balletic at times, and uses the urban environment to turn the bike - and Knoll himself - to unusual and brilliant configurations.

Filmed in Berlin with suitably creative edit, and music made by his brother Phil, the clip shows how Knoll’s background in gymnastics comes in handy, as he performs part BMX, part parcour stunts with flips and moves off the bike, onto street furniture, and back on again.

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The American describes his riding style as BMX freestyle, incorporating flatland-style tricks with three dimensional objects. Have a watch and see for yourself.

You can read an interview with Knoll here.

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