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Cycling deals on a stunning Pinarello, Lusso bibs, & BTwin

The DealCatcher has some great deals today including the Pinarello Razha T2 & a BTwin 500 Warm jacket

The DealCatcher's been busy again today, trawling the open cycling retail oceans for goodies hidden in the depths.

The haul he's returned with today features big fish like the bargain bike from Team Sky's bike manufacturer of choice which tops our list today, and Lusso's current-weather-appropriate Windtex Bibtights.

The Pinarello Razha T2 which gets this edition of the DealCatcher up and running should fulfill that luxurious hole in your bike collection - that is, if you like wavey frames, and fancy paint jobs.

After that, Vanilla Bikes' offering of a pair of Lusso Windtex Bibtights not only keep up with the colour scheme set earlier by the Pinarello, but they also represent fantastic value at 45% off.

Finally, Decathlon weigh in with their BTwin 500 Warm Cycling Jacket which we reviewed last week. At 34% off you'll struggle to find anything warmer for anywhere close to this value.



28% off Pinarello Razha T2 105 Road Bike
WAS £2299.00 | NOW £1650.00

Pinarello Razha T2 105.jpg

The enigmatic Pinarello: a pioneer in  bike design, or an abomination in the face of the simplistic beauty of a bicycle.

Regardless of your opinions on design and the preservation of the timeless design of the bicycle, there's no two ways about it. The Razha, from paint job to frame shape, is a beautiful bike.

It's not half bad, too, if you believe what you hear.

Pinarello are renowned for their precise and responsive handling, and the Razha - which is designed as a distance bike - fares well in the comfort stakes too, despite it's slightly shorter, punchier geometry.

If you're after a lightweight bike, you might want to look to upgrade the Shimano R500 wheelset, but as a budget machine that'll punch above its price point at full price - let alone at 28% off - this is a stunning deal.


Vanilla Bikes

45% off Lusso Windtex Bibtights
WAS £110.00 | NOW £59.99

Lusso Windtex Bib Tights.PNG

Have you noticed how cold it's gotten. If you're still riding around with your knees out, we imagine you certainly have.

You can avoid the cold knee problem by investing in a pair of bib tights that do a good job of keeping the cold out, a pair like these Lusso Windtex Bibtights.

Windtex is a membrane which is used by a number of brands to - as you'd expect - keep out the wind. If you're outside and fizzing around on a bike, the first step to keeping yourself warm is to keep the wind out, rather than layering up excessively - which is when Windtex comes in handy.

We know Lusso and Windtex work well together because our tech editor Matt Brett gave the Lusso Windtex Aero+ Jacket a 9/10 when he reviewed it in December.

If your legs are feeling chilly stop letting yourself suffer and buy a pair of these.

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34% off BTwin 500 Warm Cycling Jacket
WAS £49.99 | NOW £32.99

BTwin 500 Warm Cycling Jacket.jpg

BTwin do an absolutely unbelievable job of making great products for prices that often defy belief.

That's when their products are at full price.

Take this 500 Warm Cycling Jacket for example. Just last week we published a review which claimed that "the 500 Warm Cycling Jacket is yet another example that shows B'Twin knows how to make a decent product at a great value for money price."

At the time of writing, the jacket was priced at £49.99. Today you'll pay a mere 66% of that, which makes the quoted sentence in the paragraph above even more of a statement.

The jacket is made of a windproof fabric which covers the entire jersey - a rarity for most windproof jackets which focus the windproofing on the front of the garment. The jacket's second layer is a fantastically insulating fleece, and the jacket's close aerodynamic fit mean you won't feel bogged down by unnecessary bulk. 

The jacket even has the ability to repel light rain - despite no mention of a durable water repellent layer in the blurb.

All in all, the 500 Warm Cycling Jacket would be a great addition for any wardrobe, especially while we're amidst weather conditions like those we're experiencing now.

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