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No rain, no mud - it's a dry #mycyclingweekend!

Well, maybe a bit of mud. Either way, send us photos of you making the most of this rain reprieve

Following what feels like the wettest start to a year ever, we're going to get a welcome break from the wet stuff this weekend - but it's up to you to make the most of it!

Whatever your weekend holds cycling-wise, and we've got a few ideas ourselves, make sure you record the occasion with a photo or video and send the fruits of your labours our way via Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Obviously, if you're going to take advantage of the dry weather, we'd advise against imitating this @blucyclesnt repost on Instagram:



Is this a swimmer trying to ride or a rider trying to swim? Your call  1 #bluecyclesnt #bikecoffeeculture #cycling #fitness #fun #family

A photo posted by Blue Cycles By Matt King (@bluecyclesnt) on


If you've forgotten what a dry #mycyclingweekend feels like, have a quick watch of this video from Peter Dorrell who had a chilly but dry ride around Dubai's Al Qudra cycle track this week.

Handily, after that we've got Sefton Velo cycling club's video of their somewhat damper excursion last weekend. Compare, contrast, and dream of the dry rides you've got ahead of you this weekend.





If the view out of your window looks a bit like this...



...we wouldn't expect you to make it out onto the roads - although we've had some great deals on cold weather cycling gear in the DealCatchers this week.

- Read more: the DealCatcher's finds some bargain bib tights

As an alternative there's always the option of retreating to the digital world of Zwift.

Below you'll see Instagram user roleurcoaster's exploration of the digital training service's Watopia extension. New places to explore from the comfort of your living room.



However you decide to spend your #mycyclingweekend, share it with us to via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter by including the #mycyclingweekend hashtag in your post.

Safe riding.

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