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Traffic free Oxford Street and cyclists' left on red likely after 2016

All London mayoral candidates support a traffic free Oxford Street and allowing cyclists to turn left on red lights

Oxford Street is likely to close to motor traffic, and cyclists to be allowed to turn left at red lights, after next year, since the biggest London mayoral candidates have agreed to pursue the policies, if elected.

In response to Stop Killing Cyclists' 10 by 2020 campaign, which sets out ten asks for mayoral candidates, there was unanimous support to improve air quality on one of Europe's most polluted streets and, perhaps more surprisingly, for the Idaho Stop law, named after the US state where cyclists can treat red lights as stop signs, and proceed if the way is clear.

Mayoral candidates were chosen by their respective parties over the past weeks, and are: Sadiq Khan (Labour), Zac Goldsmith (Conservative), Caroline Pidgeon (Liberal Democrat), Sian Berry (Green). Rosalind Readhead stands as an independent candidate.

 - Stop Killing Cyclists launches Safer Cycling Challenge for London Mayoral campaign

Stop Killing Cyclists' Donnachadh McCarthy said: “The 2016 Mayoral election provides an urgent opportunity to speed up  the pace of transforming London into a safer, healthier and more beautiful city, fit for humans aged from 5 to 105 to cycle, walk and do business in safety.

"We welcome the fact that all five candidates replied to our 10 by 2020 Challenge and all agree on many radical new crucial safer cycling measures.

"However, Labour’s Sadiq Khan and the Tories' Zac Goldsmith need to firm up their commitments to a safer London, currently too many of their promises are riddled with get-out clauses." 

Candidate signup to 10 by 2020 Campaign asks:

Oxford Street to close to motor traffic - All five candidates supported this

10% of Transport for London budget to be spent on cycling by 2020 - Sian Berry (Green) and Rosalind Readhead (Independent) have agreed to spend 10% of Transport for London's budget on cycling, while Lib Dem Caroline Pidgeon pledged to spend 3% and more if cycling exceeded 3% of traffic. Across London cycling currently makes up around 2.5% of journeys. Sadiq Khan (Lab) promised a "significant" increase in cycling budget

• "Idaho Stop"- style law - allowing cyclists can turn left on red - All five candidates supported this

Mini Hollands for all London boroughs - All five candidates support the idea of more Mini Hollands, schemes currently in progress in three outer London boroughs designed to showcase Dutch-style infrastructure for cycling and walking

More safety equipment in lorries, more protected bike routes, more car free space in London and rush hour tipper truck bans - All five candidates agreed "to varying degrees" to support these measures

More 20mph zones - Four candidates supported more 20mph zones

Neither Respect nor UKIP candidates have yet responded.

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