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Great cycling deals on waterproof jackets + 40% EXCLUSIVE Science in Sport discount

A 40% EXCLUSIVE discount off everything at Science in Sport tops the bill alongside deals to keep you dry this autumn

If the deteriorating weather is getting to you both mentally and physically, you've come to the right place. Not only is this week's DealCatcher here to protect you from the elements, it's here to cheer you up too.

If this article's lighthearted wit isn't enough to pull you out of that unseasonable weather induced slump, then maybe a bit of retail therapy will be.

We start with an incredible deal from the guys over at Science in Sport. While their gear won't keep you dry or warm, it'll certainly make you feel better before, after, and during your rides. And, with 40% off of everything that's not already been discounted, you can go mad with the retail therapy!

After that you've got the fruit of the DealCatcher's labours.

He's been braving the weather across the land to help you feel better in the coming cold months (and the present ones.)

JEJames start us off with an incredible 57% off Specialized Goretex Evolution Rain Jacket, ProBikeKit follow with 45% off a lightweight Look jacket, with Merlin Cycles and Wheelies closing off the waterproof jacket deals.

Cycle Surgery then weigh in with a pair of waterproof Goretex boots from North Wave. Finally, if you're feeling confident that the rains aren't here to stay, and you're after an extra layer to protect from the wind that appears to be picking up, check out Decathlon's and Hargroves's deals on Windproof jackets.


Science in Sport



To claim this stellar deal, you've gotta get to checkout with all the goodies that you've collected in your basket, and pop the code 'RCC40' into the discount box.

This deal isn't going to last forever, mind. It went live this morning at midnight, and will run until Saturday night (September 12) at one minute to midnight.



57% off Specialized Goretex Evolution Rain Jacket
WAS £220.05 | NOW £94.99

Goretex is perfect for those autumnal downpours when the weather is still warm enough for it to be humid, the breathable waterproof fabric membrane will keep you dry from the inside out.

Waterproof protection from rain, and wicking technology combined with a one-way outer waterproof membrane makes this Specialized jacket your perfect companion for these wet months.

With a couple of reflective patches, and the Specialized mark of quality, you're sure to get a jacket that'll stand up to the elements season after season. Plus, at under £100 this one's a complete bargain.



45% off Look Light Rain Jacket
WAS £99.99 | NOW £54.99

If you're desperately holding on to the concept of summer, then this jacket might be the way to go. The Look Light Rain Jacket's transparent nature won't keep you hugely warm as we go into the winter months, but it looks great - especially if you're into the whole showing off your muscles thing - it'll keep you dry, and it will keep the wind away.


Merlin Cycles

68% off Lusso Skylon 2XS Cycling Jacket
WAS £44.00 | NOW £13.00

Are you sick of getting wet but don't have a lot of cash to splash on a jacket that'll only see you through the next few weeks? Are you looking put off pulling on your proper winter warmer for as long as possible? Well, this jacket might be the one for you.

Merlin have slashed an enormous 68% off this Lusso Skylon jacket. So, keep dry over the next couple of weeks on the cheap. 

A jacket that retails at almost £50 for as little as £14? No brainer, eh?



50% off Altura Vapour Waterproof Jacket
WAS £119.00 | NOW £59.99

With a rating of 9/10, this Altura Vapour could be your best shot at staying dry on those proper hard rides this autumn.

Aimed at the performance cyclist, with a racey cut and a stretch fit, the Vapour is much more than a rain jacket.

John Whittington, who reviewed the jacket for us, said: "The Vapour's versatility and tidy cut mean you'll wear this jacket a lot more than when it's just raining."



Rutland Cycling

50% off Altura Pocket Rocket Waterproof Jacket
WAS £69.99 | NOW £34.99

Another 9/10 review here

Iwein Dekoninck reviewed this one for us.

He said: "The Altura Pocket Rocket is the lightest, least frills waterproof jacket in the Altura range. It packs away really small, weighs next to nothing (110 grams for size medium - without stuff sack - 128g with) and is - surprisingly - actually waterproof."


Cycle Surgery

25% off North Wave Arctic Goretex Boots
WAS £169.99 | NOW £126.99

Moving away from the waterproof jackets and on to a pair of shoes that'll see you through the wet months of the year.

There's not a lot that'll put the end to a breakaway, or the enjoyment of a weekend ride, than cold and wet feet. An uncomfortable, debilitating feeling that can be overcome with plastic bags, overshoes, or a proper decent pair of waterproof cycling shoes.

Talking about proper decent pairs of cycling shoes, these NorthWave Arctic boots, as their name suggests, are fantastic in the wet and the cold.

Thanks to the Goretex Koala Membrane the shoes keep your feet warm while remaining waterproof and highly breathable. The holy trinity of winter cycling shoe requirements.



70% off MyBike Women’s Windproof Cycling Jacket
WAS £49.99 | NOW £14.99

So, you're certain the rain's going away, and you fancy something that'll keep the wind away but won't get you all sweaty.

The first of our two windproof jackets the MyBike Women's jacket from Decathlon. At 70% off it'll keep the wind out and your money in... your bank account.



30% off Capo GS13 Leggero Wind Yellow Jacket
WAS £160.00 | NOW £111.99

Finally, for those beautiful crisp autumn mornings, or those dark dry evening commutes, Capo GS13 Leggero Wind Jacket will keep you visible, warm, and looking fantastic.

The anatomic fit will keep you aerodynamically sound, and the thermal properties will keep your temperature optimal.

Hargroves on the other hand will keep your bank account solvent with a sizable 30% chunk off of the retail price. 


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