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Round-the-world cyclist all hot and bothered in India

Cyclo-cross champ's 'nerves frayed' six weeks in...

Cyclo cross champion Vin Cox is six weeks into his charity ride around the world and is already in India, after visiting Europe, North Africa, Egypt and Jordan.

The 34-year-old is riding the 19,000 mile trip both for adventure and the Geoff Thomas Foundation, which supports people with cancer.

The charity was set up in 2003 after ex-England and Crystal Palace footballer Geoff Thomas was diagnosed with leukaemia.

But 40 days in, India seems to be really trying his patience. Not only has he had a dodgy stomach, the antics of fellow road users seem to have perturbed him so much that he posted this open letter on his website:

“Dear fellow Indian road users,

If I shout at you, it's because you've done something silly and very dangerous to me. Looking confused and wobbling your head isn't the correct response.

My European background means that I am used to people looking BEFORE pulling out, driving on their own side of the road (particularly on dual carriageways), not stopping or turning during an overtake, and to the horn only being used when something is very wrong. I am trying to adapt, but all this hooting and driving at me does fray my nerves when I'm not on top form.

If you’re interested in meeting me, asking 'What country from?’, ‘What name?’, ‘Give money!' is really best not tried while I'm fixing a flat caused when one of your mates who ran me of the road.

Thanks for your understanding.”

Hmmm. Hope the rest of the journey is less trying, Vin!



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