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Pick-up truck driver who braked sharply in front of cyclist found guilty of dangerous driving

Incident took place after cyclist accused driver of using mobile phone while driving

An Ipswich pick-up truck driver who deliberately braked sharply in front of a cyclist resulting in a collision has been found guilty of dangerous driving reports the East Anglian Daily Times. Michael Pugh came off his bike and landed in the flatbed of Gary Norman’s Nissan Navara following an incident that took place following a row at traffic lights.

Ipswich Crown Court heard that the cyclist, Pugh, had accused Norman of talking on his mobile phone while behind the wheel – an exchange that had ended with the two men swearing at each other. Shortly after, Norman overtook Pugh before braking sharply causing the cyclist to run into the back of his truck. Pugh landed in the flatbed of the vehicle, while his £1,700 bike was a write-off.

Norman denied using his mobile phone while driving and claimed he had been forced to brake sharply after overtaking because another cyclist had come off the kerb in front of him.

After climbing out of the back of the truck, Pugh is said to have walked up to Norman and punched him as he was getting out of the vehicle.

As Pugh was then walking away, Norman is alleged to have approached him with a crowbar, shouting: “I’m going to have you,” at which point Pugh ran away.

Norman says there was no crowbar, but admits he picked up a piece of wood from his truck and walked after Pugh with it. He was found guilty of dangerous driving but cleared of assaulting Pugh by beating and having a crowbar as an offensive weapon. Sentencing has been adjourned until later in the month, although the court imposed an interim driving ban.

In April of last year, an Australian cyclist was forced to dial the emergency number to be rescued from the tray of a utility truck after being flung into it following a collision.

The 'ute' overtook the rider before turning across his path and the resultant collision saw him fly over his handlebars and into the back of the truck. While the cyclist was largely unharmed, he was unable to attract the attention of the 61-year-old driver despite banging on the roof of his cab and was forced to phone the police for assistance.

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