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Video: woman caught eating a bowl of cereal while driving

Helmet camera footage shows the woman, near Hampton Court, apparently driving with one hand, eating cereal with the other

A woman has been caught on helmet camera eating a bowl of cereal while driving.

Footage of the cereal offender, who was caught spoon handed near Hampton Court, was uploaded yesterday by cyclist, David Williams, who spotted the woman mid-breakfast as he turned right across a queue of cars.

After passing behind the red Land Rover Discovery, which was waiting behind a bus and a car at a junction, he appears to do a double take and rides around to the passenger's side to knock on the window and express his disapproval.

He says: "Put that down, I'm going to the police. I've got your number."

"Absolutely ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous, you're bloody dangerous."

The woman, who was holding the cereal bowl in the left hand and steering with the right, appears nonplussed, gestures in front of her at the traffic and carries on eating as she pulls away again.

He then turns to a woman in the car behind the Land Rover in the queue to say: "She's eating a bowl of cereal."

The woman says: "While she's driving?"

"Yeah," he replies.

Mr Williams told the Surrey Comet “You can see that her car is moving from a long way back and just as I pull alongside her she’s put some food in her mouth.

“She just carries on driving.

“We’ve all eaten mars bars or something, or had a drink of coke, but nothing like this.

“I mean, who takes a bowl of cereal into the car?

“I regularly see dangerous driving but I’ve never seen anything like that.”

Surrey Police have messaged Mr Williams to say an officer will be in touch for the footage and to identify the woman.

A Surrey Police spokeswoman said: "Police will be looking in to it a lot more. Surrey Road Cops will also tweet back to the poster with something of that affect so people can see police will look into it."

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