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Things to love about 2008: World's most expensive bike rack… and bike

If you have to ask the price etc etc…

When it comes to 'bike jewelry' nobody does it like the Danes: over there they take the whole idea literally. As the world economy went into meltdown Danish company Arumania (literal translation – gold fever) gave us the world's most expensive bike AND the world's most expensive bike rack, a snip at €4,000. Not, sadly, to stick on the back for a spot of touring – just you, your bike and a posse of security guards – no, this is a rack for hanging your Gold Bike on the wall.

Arumania lauched theGold Bike earlier this year, before hit the interweb. The bike itself is a 24 carat gold plated track bike, with a Brooks saddle and hand sewn leather grips. Actually it's not all gold; the rims, spokes, chainset and cog are hand polished aluminium, and underneath the gold plate is what looks to be a very classical looking lugged steel frame. Each bike is numbered and Aurmania will deliver the bike to you anywhere in the world for €21,000. 

Not exclusive enough for you? Then what about the Gold Bike Crystal Edition? It's the Gold Bike, but with more, er gold – basically every surface that isn't the saddle or the bar tape is plated in 24 carat gold. Oh and there's “600 Swarovski Elements” – we're guessing they're the “Crystal” bits. Classy. Yours for €80,000 delivered by a bloke in white gloves, and with a ten year guarantee chucked in. If you are interested you'd better hurry, cos there are only ten.

When times are tough gold is a sure bet although we're not sure how much gold there is on a gold plated bike… but you are getting all those Swarovski Elements too.

If gold's not your thang what about silver? In October Danish Jewelry maker Georg Jensen launched their own bike called WHEELS, designed and produced in close cooperation with Danish product designer Søren Sögreni whose company has built a reputation for unique and contemporary bicycle designs.

According to the blurb, “WHEELS is a true piece of daily life luxury. The surface of the bicycle resembles the handmade hammered surface of the unique silver hollow ware pieces created and made by Georg Jensen himself 100 years ago". There isn't actually that much silver on the The Georg Jensen bike, it does have a handmade sterling silver plated bell and that's about it. Like the Arumania Gold Bike you get a Brooks leather saddle and Brooks grips. 

Actually the bike is a bit of a looker in our opinion. Sadly though Georg Jensen will only be selling the bike through their shops in Denmark, Australia and Taiwan. Hmm… wonder which shop gets the bike first?


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