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Video: Road rage meltdown driver who threatened to kill cyclist fined for public order offence

Driver of a black Land Rover suffered meltdown because cyclists weren't using an adjacent pavement bike lane...

A driver who suffered a road rage meltdown and threatened to kill a cyclist for not using a bike lane has been fined under a public order offence, according to the man who posted footage of the incident.

The meltdown happened on March 14 on Priory Road, which leads to Richmond Park, a popular destination for cyclists. With numerous people on bikes travelling in both directions, bike-mounted camera footage shows the driver overtake the rider at close proximity, before pulling in and engaging in an expletive-laden swearing match lasting three minutes, including an interlude to yell at other passing cyclists. The incident ends with the driver threatening to kill the cyclist, before he finally drives away.

The rider's helmet camera shows a black Land Rover Discovery overtake at close proximity after a mini roundabout. When the driver pulls between him and the rider in front things escalate quickly, when the driver can be heard yelling furiously through the open window "there's a fucking cycle lane".

The driver swears almost continually through the encounter, as does the cyclist, all the while repeating there is a pavement cycle lane on one side of the road.

He goes to get back into his car after about a minute of yelling before cyclists coming in the other direction inspire him to cross the road, stand on the cycle lane and yell at them about the cycle lane. A second cyclist, not wearing Lycra, tries to calm the situation, with little success. 

The man goes to drive away before getting out again for a second, more heated round, at which point he yells he will eat the rider for breakfast, kill him, and smash his teeth in, adding the only reason he doesn't is because of witnesses.

The rider says he kept the video private "until it was all cleared up", only making it public yesterday. The footage, released less than 24 hours ago, has had more than 900 views so far.

The rider, who posted the video as cycletourer8, said in the video's comments: "Having ridden on the bike lane, I would only use it if really fatigued. It's very bumpy and often has kids walking in it during the week."

Jorgy1967Tiger commented on the video: "The "bike" lane looks really inviting with all the side roads, pedestrians and light and sign posts."

Sippiestraw comments: "'I'll fucking eat you for breakfast.' 'Well, what do you eat for breakfast now?' Now that's an instant classic."

Richmond Park is increasingly popular with cyclists throughout the week. Last year a man was fined for deliberately driving into a cyclist in Richmond Park, and given five points for driving away. has contacted the cyclist for comment.

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