The Experimental Drop, a Christmas present for those that like to be ahead of the fashion curve

Urban cycling fashionistas who like to be ahead of the curve get the chance this week thanks to the guys at Outlier. All this week they have been offering limited releases of new garments that are in the final stages of the development process but which aren't slated for release for a few months down the line in what they're calling The Experimental Drop.

All right, they're not giving 'em away, but just over £100 for a pair of their OG Pants in Workwear fabric doesn't sound like a bad deal either, especially if there's only 10 of them available to fellow cycling hipsters. Hey, and being cutting edge never did come cheap. If you're tempted you can buy the clothes from the Outlier homepage. I'd certainly be tempted by the Workwear OGs… wonder if they would accommodate my manly thews?

Here's what the guys from Outlier have to say about the clothes they'll be “Dropping”.

TUESDAY we will be releasing a version of our OG Pant in a new Workwear fabric. The exterior is a tough canvas, the inside a soft fleece. This is the durable one, its got a high abrasion resistance, and Lotus treatment so that dirt and grease rolls off when exposed to water. It breathes great, is highly water resistant and dries fast. Available in a dark blueish gray.

WEDNESDAY we drop the Tech Hoodie in our Winterweight fabric. The cut is clean and minimal, with a big hood that can go over helmets. The fabric is designed to keep you warm and dry. Fleecey and heat retaining with an nice stretch on the inside, yet super breathable, and wicking as well. Highly water resistant and quick drying. The exterior weave includes Cordura for real durability and abrasion resistance. It's a great winter layer and works flawlessly as a spring jacket too.

THURSDAY is another killer experimental fabric, a Dry Cotton version of our OG Pant. Combines the crisp yet soft handfeel of cotton with the performance you expect from an Outlier garment. Cotton is a great fabric when it's dry and terrible when it's wet. By using an equal mix of cotton and nylon (and just a touch of stretch) and adding a directional Dry treatment, this fabric handles rain and sweat like it ain't no thing. Breathes, wicks, drys fast and is highly water resistant, so it keeps that cotton charm even when the environment turns raw.

FRIDAY brings it all together with a Workwear version of the Tech Hoodie. All we can say is, we love this garment. We made 11 and then both of us promptly stole one for ourselves. That leaves just 9 so don't sleep on this drop.

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