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Video round-up: tree attacks cyclist, icy close calls + more

Cyclocross advice, helmet hair tips, a charming bike builder, and a frightened Irishman are all waiting for you in this round-up

Our resident video elves have been busy rustling up a prime round-up for your weary pre-Christmas eyes.

We start in Australia with an incident of tree battery; back in icy Britain we've got a little bit of careless driving; there's some helmet hair advice from Birmingham; some Belgian cyclocross tips for you hardcases, plus lots more.

Eucalyptus tree attacks cyclist

While we’re all wrapped up in our winter gear in the UK, cyclists down under are enjoying the summer sun.

Yeah, they don’t have to worry about which pair of winter gloves it’s cold enough for, or keep their eyes peeled for early-morning patches of ice, but they do have to deal with the classic Australian problem of weaponised eucalyptus trees.


I can see clearly, Ice just didn’t see you 

At this time of year our population of dangerous drivers get a little bit more dangerous thanks to an inherent carelessness which often presents itself as inadequately cleared icy windshields.

Here is a prime example of poor windshield maintenance. There’s also a little careless driving thrown in for good measure.


How to tackle helmet hair

We’ll stick to a cold weather theme for now. We managed to miss this video back in August, but it applies just as well, if not better, for the cold weather we’re having now.

If you struggle with helmet or hat hair - that strange yet predictable phenomenon where wearing something on your head messes with your do - the ladies at Birmingham Cycle Revolution just might have a solution for our female readership. Unfortunately for the blokes reading this, our only advice for preventing helmet hair is to shave it all off.


Dekerf Cycle Innovations 

Meet Chris Dekerf, he’s a builder of custom made-to-order bicycles over in the States Canada. This short film offers you an intimate snapshot into his workshop and the intricate attention to detail that he has for every bike he makes.

Dekerf Cycle Innovations, Chris’s company, have been going for 25 years and he says they’re still looking for ways to streamline and improve their frame building process.

Chris Dekerf / Dekerf Cycle Innovations from Mike Nairne on Vimeo.


Jaysus Christ

Dashcams do a marvellous job at keeping cost of vehicle insurance low, they also capture a lot of the stupid driving and cycling that happens on roads around the world.

This particular case of ridiculous cycling happened in Galway, Ireland. Fortunately the sound was being recorded and no one came away injured.


Your Moment of SVENNESS

Fans of cyclocross may already be aware of the In the Crosshairs blog, but it’s a fantastic resource of cyclocross tips, race coverage, and fantastic videos like this one.

This particular video series is titled SVENNESS. It's named after two-time cyclocross world champion and six-time cyclocross world cup winner Sven Nys, and follows the goings on throughout the Cyclocross World Tour season.

This edition is an analysis of the steep cambered Soudal Classic race that took place November 11, 2014, in Niel, Belgium. Sven features heavily, as you’d expect.

Your Moment Of SVENNESS 1.2 from In The Crosshairs on Vimeo.


Off the Beaten Path

Okay, we’ll admit it, there’s not a lot of cycling in this final video, but if you keep your eyes peeled around the ten second mark there’s a little treat for you.

After that, you’re free to enjoy Elizabeth’s culinary adventures.

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massspike | 9 years ago

Dekerf is actually a Canadian company (Vancouver, BC)

Colin Peyresourde | 9 years ago

Cyclist has argument with a pole. Love it.

Colin Peyresourde | 9 years ago

Cyclist has argument with a pole. Love it.

kraut | 9 years ago

I do hope that guy who was too lazy to de-ice his windscreen was reported to the local cop-shop.....

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