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Video: Dog-towed bike racer hit by flying wall of deer… (it has a happy ending)

Alarming incident involved Polish woman out bikejoring (bike racing with dogs)

You’re out on your bike being towed along by a pair of dogs when all of a sudden you’re hit by a flying wall of deer. We’ve all been there, right? Of course we have – but not all of us have captured the footage and uploaded it to YouTube as Agnieszka Rychwalska has.

In the unlikely event that you aren’t a regular bikejorer yourself and are unfamiliar with the sport, it basically involves being towed or led on your bike by a dog or team of dogs, typically along off road trails.

In the video, we see events unfolding from Rychwalska’s point of view as she rattles along behind her two canine companions. When she rounds a corner and sees deer are about to leap across the path, you don’t need to speak Polish to detect the alarm in her voice.

Fortunately, after a quick volley of cursing, she picks herself back up and is back on her bike again in no time. Nor do her injuries appear to have been serious enough to dissuade her from uploading the video accompanied by a comedy musical soundtrack.

It inevitably brings to mind the classic antelope Vs mountain biker encounter from 2011 - good enough to make our 2011 video of the year collection, but they were simpler times… Hmm, actually watching it again it'd probably make the list most years.

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