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VIDEO: The view from the 20ft high tallest bicycle in the world - being ridden on open roads

StoopidTaller built over 4 days claims Guinness World Record

If you thought you’d seen the tallest bike in the world, think again. Richie Trimble, the man behind StoopidTall, a 14.5ft bike that he was quite happy to ride on open roads, has decided to go another entire person’s height taller and invent the StoopidTaller, on which the rider sits 20 feet above the ground.

Over four days in December, Richie built the dizzying ride - before having to overcome the problems with getting on board - he eventually found a lamp post in a parking lot that he could climb.

t was confirmed to have won The Guinness World Record for riding the world’s tallest rideable bicycle. The measurement is taken from the ground to the handlebars, and the bicycle must be successfully ridden a distance of 100 m (328 ft 1 in).

The ride, which you can watch below, is insane:



Trimble said, “I do it to see people smile. You can’t help but make someone laugh when you’re riding a bike that’s over six meters tall. From that height, you can see people laughing, pointing, and smiling from a distance. It’s almost like a high—maybe it’s the altitude.

“I promised myself and others that I was going to break the world record and bring it back to LA where the world record belongs.”

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flathunt | 242 posts | 8 years ago

He could be a bit more pleased with himself and there could be a bit more slo-mo but otherwise excellent.

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