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Statue of David Cameron riding a bike sells for £25,000

Prime Minister has since given up cycling, but ornament remains homage to his former green credentials

A dedicated Conservative Party supporter has paid £25,000 for a bronze sculpture of David Cameron riding a bicycle at a fundraising party.

Nathan Steinberg bought the statuette at a gala dinner at which the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne was the star guest. 

The sculptor Margarita Hernandez gave the ornament, around ten inches tall, to the party several years ago.

The statue of the cycling Prime Minister was sold in the week that that Parliament debated Mr Cameron's 'Cycling Revolution' and in which the government's future plans for cycling were described as "derisory" and a "wish list" by cycling campaigners.

The Daily Mail reported that in £250 a head ticket sales alone the evening raised at least £90,000, while adding at least another £40,000 through the auction.

Mr Cameron used the fact he cycled around London to reinforce his green credentials when he first became party leader but was subsequently revealed to have a car following him round with his briefcase. He has since given up cycling.

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EarsoftheWolf | 9 years ago
0 likes seems to be getting a lot of stories second-hand via the Daily Mail lately... I hope this isn't the start of a trend.

matthewn5 | 9 years ago

And given up any pretence of having green credentials.

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