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West Sussex Police re-issue Cliff Shrubb fatal bike fall witness appeal

More information sought in to incident in which famous frame builder met his end while cycling with friends

West Sussex Police have re-issued a witness appeal in to the incident in which renowned frame builder, Cliff Shrubb died while out cycling with friends last month.

Mr Shrubb, 79, from Wallington in Surrey died on Saturday 31 May following a fall from his bike while out cycling with three friends. According to the police witness appeal the incident occurred in Church
Street, Rudgwick at 1.10pm. Mr Shrubb sustained a serious head injury in the fall and was pronounced dead at the scene.

PC Kelly Newton said: "We are still trying to find people who were in the area and could have seen or heard Mr Shrubb falling from his bike.

"We would also like to speak to anyone who may have seen the four friends cycling together in the minutes before the accident.

"There is nothing to suggest that anyone else was involved but we want to work out exactly what happened."

Cliff Shrubb made his name as a frame builder from the late 70s onwards when he made successful and innovative frames for numerous cycling stars including Sean Yates and Dave Le Grys for whom he made the bike on which Le Grys set the UK Paced Speed Record in 1985 - a mark only recently exceeded by Guy Martin.

Cliff Shrub - an appreciation, by Richard Hallett.

Anyone with information in to the incident in which Cliff Shrubb died should call 101 quoting Operation Foundry or email collision.appeal [at]

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