CTC seeks new chief executive

Cycling charity seeks new boss as Gordon Seabright heads to Cornwall


The CTC, Britain’s biggest cycle-campaigning organisation, is looking for a new chief executive.

Current CEO Gordon Seabright is stepping down at the end of May and heading off to Cornwall where he will become Director of the Eden Project.

Seabright joined CTC in March 2012. Previously, he was the acting director general of The Royal Horticultural Society and the commercial director of English Heritage.

In a statement, CTC said: “In his two year tenure Gordon has had a big impact on CTC. David Cox, CTC  Chair of Council said he wanted to extend his thanks for all Gordon had done for both CTC and for cycling, wishing him well in his future career.”

In its ad for Seabright’s replacement, CTC says:

The Chief Executive of CTC is one of the most influential and exciting jobs in cycling at a time when cycling is enjoying national recognition and popularity and is seen as an answer to key issues of transport, sustainability, health and social inclusion.

CTC, with its high quality policy advice, its network of member groups and local campaigners and its cycling development work with local communities is in a unique position to influence policy and push for changes that enhance cycling.

We always work in partnership with other cycling groups and organisations and are respected by policy makers and other representative bodies.

We now seek an exceptional Chief Executive with:

  • A track record of delivering results through operational excellence in the business, voluntary or public sectors.
  • Experience of management in a complex environment with multiple stakeholders.
  • The ability to advocate for cycling at all levels and be a credible ambassador for CTC.

If that's you, and a £72,500 salary sounds like a good deal, you can apply for the job here.

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