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What would you say to the Institute of Advanced Motorists in response?


- the letter titled "Cycling co-operation needed".

(If the link is dodgy, it is on page 63 as per the printed version)

I had a bit of a wobbly at the IAM for publishing this letter without editorial comment in this month's members mag. As an IAM member as well as a cyclist, I was surprised they published a letter with the rather snyde descriptions of cyclists - but also published opinions on the safety of cycle lanes contradictory to their own professional view. The real gem is that the author basically says if you get killed by not cycling in a cycle lane, then whose fault is it? The writer also does not understand bunch cycling - while claiming to be a cyclist -  I believe the writer could be our very own NG!

As a member, we are taught observation, but also that the attitude we bring to driving is part and parcel of the skills. Here we have a member claiming to be an advanced driver, who does not understand how cyclists use the road, and objects to the advice he has received from the police on the matter.

I've written a stroppy complaint asking for an apology to cyclists from the Letters Editor and that they publish a suitable article in the body of the magazine addressing the issue of how cyclists use the road. We will see how far it gets!

What comments do you think I should have made? Have I over-reacted?

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