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Water Proof Cycling Bell?

I'm talking about the traditional mechanical types, but is there such a thing as a waterproof cycling bell? My one (cheap, came with the bike) goes from a pleasant ring to a dull thud at the hint of moisture. As my journey can take me along shared paths, towpaths and cycle lanes with lots of pedestrian encroachment, I do find a couple of rings of the bell when approaching a blind bridge bend, or subway useful. So any recommendations for when it is wet?

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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ktache | 1 year ago
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Never had one that maintains its tone when wet.

brooksby | 1 year ago
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I've got one of these on Bike A - and one of these on Bike B -

Both seem so far (year or so) to be fine in the rain.

IanGlasgow replied to brooksby | 1 year ago
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I have a Crane bell too. Commuting in Glasgow means it mostly gets used wet. It works perfectly in all weather.

I was going to buy a Knog Oi but reviews suggested they're too quiet when dry and completely useless when wet.

Creakingcrank replied to brooksby | 1 year ago

I have a Crane "Karen" bell, which I mainly bought because I thought the name was funny. It seems to sound OK in the rain.

mark1a replied to Creakingcrank | 1 year ago

Does it ask to see the manager in a loud shrill tone?

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