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Warning for Cervelo owners with Wolf CL fork – steering tube snapped in traffic!!!

I am the original owner of a 2008 Cervelo Soloist Team bicycle. I used it for a commute of 52 kilometers round trip for several years. It was my summer bike and saw rain just once. It was never crashed prior to the incident described below.

The fork on this bike is the Wolf CL.

While accelerating in traffic the handlebars of my bike snapped off without warning. (The fork steering tube broke). I hit the pavement so hard my helmet cracked. I broke my right collar bone. A tourniquet was required on the street to stop the flow of blood from the puncture wound on my right leg.

Prior to my buying the bike, Cervelo had recalled the Wolf SL fork that was used on Cervelo bikes.

The Wolf SL fork recall was due to cracking steering tubes. (The Wolf SL is all carbon – while the Wolf CL has a metal steering tube)

After the incident I went onto Cervelo’s forum, (can’t seem to log onto it now). It appears I am not the first person to have a Wolf CL fork snap just below the stem.

I took a picture of the other person’s incident off the Cervelo forum, (attached). This other incident occurred several years ago. The poster said Cervelo replaced his bike.

My bike has a lifetime warranty. When I asked Cervelo for a warranty fix they declined. They said they require the original receipt, (though the original owner of the bike store confirms I bought this bike from them). They also said the metal steering tube had corrosion on it, and I should have had it inspected.

I definitely regret not asking any of my bike mechanics to take my fork out for inspection during routine maintenance.

Ironically, here is a VeloNews article featuring Cervelo co-founder Phil White. In it, Mr. White talks about the danger of failing forks / steering tubes. He even says, "...nobody ever takes their fork out of their bike to inspect the steerer."

I am posting this to warn any owners of bikes with the Wolf CL fork. Though my injuries will probably affect me forever, I consider myself lucky. I could easily have been thrown into moving traffic.

If you have a bike with this fork – PLEASE have it inspected.

Thanks, David

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