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The village sleeps again - 1962

By-passes churning-up the countryside, flyovers blasting through the townscape, dear old Ernest Marples, not at all in the thrall of the construction industry - its all here.  I was interested because that's the by-pass fantasy - bedlam one day, bucolic peace returned the next. 

I was interested in the two recently bypassed villages featured: Stilton, (the A1) and Makyate (the A5) that must for a few years suffered increasing motor traffic right through the middle, and then transformed overnight  - the by-pass fantasy acted out. A couple of stills coming up.  

Yes, I've got interested in the UK's old people channel - link below, registration required and there are some adverts. The Look at Life shorts are usually pretty interesting, there's a small selection on the site if you search.


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