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Tulips from Amsterdam

Reposted from yesterdays blog comment, 

/warning: bit of a bragpost this one:

I will be working in Amsterdam centre today. So I will cycle on my vouwfiets (folding bike) from my Sloterdijk office to the center of Amsterdam. The route goes through the Westerpark and is segregated for about 90% of the way. Reminds me I should make a video of the Dam Rak/Beursplein underground cycle parking facility experience, it is just amazing. It is free to park for the first 24 hours (unlike the one featured above in Cardiff), heated and super secure. It has no showering or changing facilities, as most Dutchies are not in shouty -sweaty-race-mode on their commutes, and therefore don't need to change clothes.

They are also currently completing a new truly gigantic facility just in front of the Centraal station ; is external) .  It looks like it will be beyond superlative. It is costly to build, and probably why we pay 52% top tax rate here, but I am happy to pay it.

If you are not familiar with is external) , give it a look as Mark Wagenbuur is really good at showing the best bits of Dutch infra, infra that would make most British cyclists groen with envy. GarageMirage would probably call all this a communist dystopia. He can flikker op.

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