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Telegraphing their bias

Where to start? A car driver ploughs into a belisha beacon (obviously not high-viz enough) on the new "Dutch" roundabout, and drives off leaving others to clear up the consequences. Somehow this ends up as an anti-cycling shitstorm. Nicely set up by the Telegraph's opening line:
"Britain's first Dutch-style roundabout, which prioritises cyclists,..."
That is all the encouragement they need; cue the Telegraph gammons:

"John Halstead11 Aug 2020 7:55AM
Why is the council spending £2.3M on something that may or may not benefit cyclists but is a right muddle for motorists. Lets face it, cyclists are a nuisance, if they're not riding on pavements, jumping red lights, overtaking on the left or riding in long groups pretending to be competing in the Tour de France, they're smugly pretending to be good for the environment and enjoying free use of the roads.

No more public money to be spent on cyclists until they pay road tax says I"

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