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SM-BCR2 to Mobile

I'm not sure if Shimano's mobile e-Tube Project can link wired from my Android V6 phone to an SM-BCR2 to SM-EW90-A junction A box, or if it can only communicate over bluetooth. If so what is the connecting port type on the SM-BCR2?

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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VeloUSA | 1 month ago

It seems what you're searching for is a USB Micro to USB Type-C.


mark1a | 1 month ago

The SM-BCR2 has a lead with the proprietary 2 pin connection for the junction A, and a micro-USB for connection to host device. I've never tried connecting it to an Android device and I'd be surprised if it works on a hardwired connection using the mobile app as even the PC application has a weird USB implementation, I couldn't get that to work reliably on a Mac using VMware or Virtual Box, I've only ever got it working either on a hardwired connection with WIndows running natively on the bare metal, or over Bluetooth using the phone app.

So I'm doubtful and this also seems to be confimed by (sometime of this parish)

One other thing, it appears Shimano seem to have deprecated the old PC software which could use the SM-BCR2, last version which works is 4.0.4, so I'm running E-Tube v5 with a SM-PCE02 and can go back to E-Tube v4 with a SM-BCR2.

hawkinspeter replied to mark1a | 1 month ago

I've got an ultra-mini laptop (8 inch screen) with v4.0.4 installed for doing firmware updates etc. I've found the bluetooth connection to be trickier to use than the SM-BCR2 and a PC. My ultra-mini laptop happens to run Windows, so I haven't tried running the E-Tube software under emulation (the laptop is a Chuwi model and had issues with the SSD not talking very well under Linux - the system would freeze/hang-up every so often so I had to revert to running the host OS as Windows and Linux running under HyperV).

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