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PSA - sometimes a creak needs to be investigated


I had noticed a creak/noise from my bike, especially when accelerating from stopped. It sounded almost like the chain clunking into position, so I ended up replacing my outer chainring as it was a few years old, but the noise persisted. I was contemplating whether it was pedals, bottom bracket bearing or even rear cassette, but yesterday I discovered the answer.

I was just starting off on a ride and heading uphill on my road - negotiated my way round a van coming downhill and then got off the saddle to accelerate and start warming up. Hit the deck almost outside my front door and luckily got a lightly grazed knee and knuckle out of it, though my handlebars looked very skewed. The van driver did stop and check that I was okay which was nice of him.

So, sometimes a creaky noise isn't what you think it is.

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