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Has anyone noticed that gravel bikes with 2x gearing typically make great winter road bikes with plenty of mudguard clearance, and the makers typically provide fixing points for mudguards...

...but the makers have not spoken with any mudguard manufacturers so the only way to fit them to the likes of Ribble and Giant is with the deft application of a Dremel - preferably to the guard?

There have been a few examples popping up at the club and although they all sport massive clearance, not one has got mudguards fitted without modification. Several have a bolt hole under the fork crown, similar on the rear for me.

The Giant also has a cunning arrangement for having the stay holes at the rear hidden in a reversible cover... Not helped I reckon Giant last made a bike specific manual explaining all their quirks in 2006 - so I'll never know what all the spare bits in the plastic bag are for (including the seat post shaped and sized clamp for a rack where their website says "not for use on seat post").

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