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Do smooth roads exist in the UK?

I had the pleasure of starting my road cycling experience when I moved to Switzerland to study for 2 years in 2016. The quality of the tarmac there is superb and I loved the excellent cycle ways to keep off the busier roads. It definitely was a honeymoon period.

In the UK, we're all endlessly hearing about the terrible state of the roads and the awful cycling infrastructure.

I hadn't really realised how bad the roads actually are until I was back in the UK armed with my road bike and trying them out for myself. Now with 3 years of British road cycling under my belt I've hardened up a bit but I still find the poor road surfaces really hit my motivation to get out and about sometimes. Pot holes fill every decent with paranoia and make group riding a chore.

Are there actually any smooth roads in the UK?

Or even good cycle lanes, that don't just last for 50m either side of a new housing development?


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