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Dishonest driver....

Hello all. HELP!!!!!!
Two weeks ago I was hit off my bike on a Sunday morning riding towards home. The car did not slow down as he approached the roundabout and hit my rear wheel, sending me flying across the tarmac.
100% his fault. I have quite bad wounds to my left side and my rear wheel and frame are trashed.
He was around 70 and I trusted him to do the right thing.... Unfortunately he didn't and I have just found out that he reported the incident as non fault.
I felt sick to hear this and I am raging about it, but feel helpless.
The police refused to attend and I did not call for an ambulance because I did not want to take up NHS resources. I have made a report to the police and feel that he should be prosecuted for driving without due care and attention. He admitted at the scene that he had not seen me. There was a pedestrian witness who was a marshall for the London to Southend bike event. I took her name and number just in case.
It looks like now I will have to go down the legal route with expenses and headaches that I should not be facing right now as the victim. Just goes to show that you cannot trust anyone in this country, even respectful looking pensioners!
Anyone got any ideas how I should approach this?
I really want him to get what he deserves, he had no concern for me as I was only a cyclist and shouldn't even be riding on the road.

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