Data Protection 2018 and camera evidence submitted to the police


I recently submitted camera footage to Cambridgeshire police of a close pass around a bend with oncoming traffic. It's not the worst pass I've had but it was recorded by my camera and it put the wind up me, so I wanted to submit it. All duly submitted. I got an email this morning from the Digital Evidence Team at Herts, Cambs and Beds police that said:

"Please be aware that you may not hear anything further from us in relation to this matter. Should we need any further information or if this incident goes to court we will contact you.

Unfortunately due to the data protection Act 2018 we are unable to disclose the outcome of the case with you"

I wasn't expecting great detail from the police but I was expecting to hear the rough outcome (i.e no action, probably) and I can't really see what the DPA 2018 has to do with this. I don't know the driver of the van, I know the registration number and the company details as they were on the side of the van. (In fairness it was a small company so I could likely make an educated guess on the driver with a few minutes on facebook. )

This feels like the police just don't want to deal with updating people on whether any action was taken. Does anyone know whether this is standard across police forces and whether the DPA 2018 does mean they can't tell me the outcome of my complaint?

Cheers, Matt

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