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Confused about Clothing

Now that Summer is a distant memory and the roads have started to fill with cluckwith drivers again.
My thoughts have turned to Autumn/Winter/Spring clothing.

For the last two Winters, I’ve ridden around wearing civilian clothes. Regular pants, T shirt and a outdoor style rain coat.
But I’ve recently bought some DHB Aeron Bib Shorts, DHB leg warmers and Decathlon 50% Merino cycle jerseys.
And now I feel like I should be getting more proper clothing.

Is now the best time to buy Winter kit, or will the price be basically the same now as it is in Winter?

Ignoring the price for now (I’ve seen it a lot cheaper), would this be a good jacket to buy?
Gore C5 Gore-Tex Active Jacket
or maybe this?
DHB Aeron Tempo 2 Waterproof Jacket
My intention would be to wear it all the time and have a jersey underneath. Just casual riding around.

When buying either arm warmers or a base layer for non Summer months. I thought of getting some made from Merino wool.
What Merino wool content should I be looking to buy?
100%, 75% or 50%? Some people say not 100%, due to not drying as quickly, losing shape or being more delicate.

For the Merino base layer; sleeveless, short or long sleeves?
Sleeveless seems to be the better option, as it wouldn’t add the bulk of extra material around the shoulders and upper arms, when wearing a jersey and jacket.

Would the DHB Aeron Bib Shorts be suitable for Autumn/Winter temps, or would I definitely have to get something warmer? Maybe the Equinox version?
I’ve been warm enough in regular pants, be obviously they aren’t skin tight.

Thanks for any advice, and sorry for all the questions.

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