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Comparing Stack & Reach between 2 Frames

Hi : 

I have 2 frames to choose from - unfortunately cannot test ride them due to nonavailability and will need to place an order online, reason for seeking your inputs -

The geometry between the 2 frames is very similar, except for model A, the Reach is 3 mm longer n Stack is 7mm shorter when compared to model B. 

I am looking at a more “comfortable/relaxed” ride and am wondering if the 7mm Stack difference would make a noticeable difference ?

The above question does not taken into account Spacers, Stem Length/Angle, Raiser Handlebar, etc, which I understand can help me further customise the bike-fit - At this point only wish to compare the two frames and am wondeirng if a 7mm Stack difference will be noticed in terms of comfort.

Thanks in advance-

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