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bournemouth prom cycling story [ daily echo clickbait cycling hatred again]

this is the link-
and this is the video i was thinking of seeing if they would run. But i dunno. I'll probably just get hounded by the usual anti cycling commenters on there.

should i send it in? it shows every point. One, if you want to go fast, use the road? the top cliff top one is great for speed, i dont get why you'd want to use the prom for time trialling if theres any chance kids or dogs could walk in front of you.
Beryl bikes ARE used and are a good idea- you can see people using them.
They used a couple of my videos before but now im not sure i want to help them out revenue wise- they keep running these, i think fake letters from anti cycling people, but never anything from an actual cyclist?
like some woman on there posted she had cyclists go past her at 30 miles an hour- i highly doubt it- more like 15-20 tops.

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