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Bikester (and other EU suppliers) delays and import duty

Ordered some parts for the bike back in mid December from

Hadn't realised they were a german company (not a big deal) or that they don't publish any tel number (should have noticed that). I also didn't Brexit and figured that I'd get the delivery before xmas.

Now well over a month later there's no sign of my delivery. Bikester didn't even get around to posting until 5 Jan. The UPS tracking has said Frankfurt ever since and Bikester seem unable to persue the matter with UPS or refund.

I have to say because of the poor support from Bikester, regardless of whether this is a brexit fuck up, i wont be buying from them again.

I've now heard stories of deliveries arriving with a demand for import duty plus extra shipping handing fees to be paid. Read an article at teh BBC that said that EU suppliers can't even advise buyers what the fees are because they don't know - how does that work?

Anyway, if anyone is thinking of buying anything from Bikester or anyone else in the EU, and I guess that might also include Wiggle/Chainreactioncycles as they are in Ireland, you might want to buy elsewhere.


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