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Are aluminium wheels worth upgrading to “better” aluminium wheels?

Hi All,

I recently got my first carbon bike after riding a £300 aluminium job for a few years. Absolutely love it - night and day difference! It's a nice bike but had been told it came with "budget wheels". I had heard this was often done with bikes so have been considering upgrading them. But I'm not sure if in my price considerations it's worth it?

The bike is rim brake, currently sitting on a pair of Fulcrum Racing 4s. After doing more internet reading it appears these are actually quite good value for money? If I was to replace them I was considering something like racing zeros I found for £650. Or pacenti Forza custom built with hope hubs at around £500. Having done some more reading about the internet (and other people's similar questions) it seems some people suggest to leave it unless you upgrade to deep carbon wheels. Thing is I don't want to spend that kind of money on wheels.


So to conclude - is upgrading to high end aluminium wheels (for similar prices mentioned, found a Eurus set for £500 as well), going to make an appreciable difference on the bike? Would you do it yourself?


Many thanks!

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