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FSA BB30 adapter sleeve removal

I've got a Ribble stealth I built up in the spring, and I can't seem to get on with it. It seems pretty brutal on my legs but not in a way that Ive had from cycling before. I have come back with bruising on my calves over the summer.

Anyway ive looked into what everyone else thinks of the frame set on the web etc andI haven't found anyone else with a bad word to say about it so the only thing I can think of is the FSA adapter sleeve in the BB which I've got to let me use a standard chain set I already had with the frame. I've created an additional metal on metal contact point inbetween the BB and chain set. I think this is transferring a load of road buzz up through my legs.

Is this something anyone else has had experience of and has removing the adapter sleeve solved the problem. Secondly how do you remove the adapter sleeve and can it be done at home or is it a job for the LBS

Thanks in advance

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