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54cm or 56cm 2022 Madone for 175cm bloke

Hello all,

Hope everyone on here is keeping well. This is probably an age old question which ultimately comes back to "get a bike fit", but I'm trying to get advice on whether all 5'9" (175cm) of me with 83cm (32.5in) inseam would be fine on a 54cm or 56cm 2022 Trek Madone. They have none for me to try as all have been sold and won't be in until March at the earliest. They do have a 54 and 56cm on order though, I put a deposit on a 54, they said I can have the 56 if I want.
Typically Trek recommend a 56cm, but a few Trek dealers and bike shops have said id defo be a 54cm so I'm a bit confused. I don't have alien arms, and will probably change the stem to an aero one afterwards so can swap the 90cm stock one to a 100/110cm one. The 56cm comes with a 100cm set, stock so maaaaybe it's a tad long but I'm bot sure. As I say, they have none to try so I can't jump on one sadly.
I currently ride a 54cm 2017 Trek Emonda with a 100mm stem which is fine, my Checkpoint is a 56cm which is also fine but they're different geometries so probably a irrelevant.

Anyway, you input would be welcome and needed.


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