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4iii crank and power imbalance?

Morning. Has anyone with a significant power imbalance any experience of using this, I understand that you can factor in an imbalance? I have whacking great imbalance with my left being much weaker than the right. I use Powertap pedals on the turbo, which give me R/L data and I'm looking at a (relatively) cheap way of getting power readings in the real world. Because of my injury I couldn't use single-sided pedals out and about, but when I'm safely fixed in one position I'm happy using them. The expensive option seems to be Garmin Rally XC200s, but I'm loath to buy another pair of pedals. And a left-side only crank is obviously going to pick up my weak leg and not give me anything comparable to my 'indoor power'.

With the imbalance factor programmed into the app, this seems a decent way of getting (roughly) what I want for under 300 quid - I'm just looking for feedback for anyone who is actually using these with an imbalance?


Thanks tonnes  1

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