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Laptop Luggage

I carry a mid-sized laptop in a non-cycling rucksack laptop bag.. Looking to get something to strap to my rack instead. Ortlieb have a good reputation for waterproof travel bags, has anyone got experience of their (or similar) wears??

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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Tony Farrelly | 15 years ago

I carry my laptop around with me, it's a 17in so a bit heavy I found the courier back option started to give me back ache because the way the bag sits on your back makes it naturally inclined to twist when you put something heavy in it.

I'm with purplecup though, I wouldn't carry my computer in a pannier or rack top bag, simply because when I'm carrying it it gets the benefit of inteligent (ish) suspensions.

My favoured option is to carry mine in a 30l rucksack with a padded back I'm gonna get a padded sleeve to put it in too at some point…

The Crumpler one here looks okay

purplecup | 15 years ago

there are some decent rack bags out there, but the main issue i have with them all is that they transfer lots of road shock to your compy. With it on your back you're filtering nearly all of that out, plus it's out of the rain and out of the way of wheel spray when it is wet. if it's just the fact that the bag is uncomfortable that's bugging you, why not invest in a really nice laptop courier bag? get one with a proper semi-rigid padded sleeve, and make sure the bag has a sternum strap to keep it well behaved when you're cycling. crumpler bags are good, so are knog ones.

DaveP replied to purplecup | 15 years ago


I'm trying to get a small EEE PC type laptop for traveling that'll fit in my Camelbac 'Blowfish' bag and strap small Ortlieb bag of soft stuff on the rack.
If I end up hauling this stupid big lump around I'll look at the Courier bag option.  3

IIRC Winstalys now do Knog stuff...

Cheers.  1

the-daily-ripper replied to DaveP | 15 years ago

I use my old timbuktu "rockshox" branded courier bag, which has been indestructible for the last 16 years! I ripped the padded section out of the bag work supplied me with, and just bosh my laptop in that and then in the courier bag. Seems waterproof enough for all but an extreme shower, in which case I chuck it in a carrierbag first. Biggest problem I've found with it is that it's black inside, and you don't end up spotting that old banana for a few weeks...

Oh, and Howies had some grim coloured ones for cheap in their sale last time I looked. Still the same bag tho.

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